“Personal, yes, but also professional in every way, Stephanie Weiss has become my weekly routine for years now. I am delighted with the ongoing results and “body maintenance”, and get compliments regularly from friends, family and customers. And who else would put Delbert McClinton on for me to listen to?!”

Jeff Hennig Gallo Ristorante Ridgefield, CT.

“It is with considerable enthusiasm that I write to recommend Stephanie Weiss. She first entered my life more than a year ago as a sobriety coach after my stint in rehab. More recently, she has been working with me as a personal trainer. The transition made complete sense to me, since she is superb in both capacities. Stephanie is kind and compassionate, but clearly no pushover. Her knowledge of addiction and physical fitness is vast, and she has given me a lot of advice and information, which is something I thrive on. Moreover, she is simply fun to be around. Having never been the athletic type, I now look forward to our work-out sessions, as I previously did for our sobriety meetings. In short, if you are looking for someone to enhance, indeed change, your life, Stephanie is the one.”
Susan, South Kent, Ct

“Since training with Stephanie not only have I physically never been stronger, but my self confidence has also increased tremendously. I love that when I train with Stephanie we can connect on another level that’s not just trainer and client but as friends. She cares deeply for each and every one of her clients and motivates us to be and feel our bests. Not to mention her workouts will kick your butt! I am extremely grateful to have Stephanie as a personal trainer. “
Maddie, Ridgefield Ct

“If you’re looking for a Peloton Bunny, you’re on the wrong website.

BUT, if you’re serious about having a coach who will get you the results you really want, Stephanie Weiss is the only one to call.

After a lifetime of physical activity, I fell into the dreaded 50’s and stopped working out. Nearly 20 years later, my lack of attention to my body caught up with me big time and I realized I really needed no-fool-around help. I was introduced to Steph and here I am 6 months later, down 25 lbs., two pants sizes smaller and have arms that would make a 20 year old jealous. AND, I feel better than I have in decades.

If you’re tired of moaning and groaning and want to do something about it, call her and get started. She’s in a class by herself with her knowledge of the body and of nutrition, and a few weeks or months with her will prove my point. No BS. Just results.

PS- She’s also a pisser to hang out with! Great laugh, too.”

Bruce, So. Kent, CT.